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As a practice we are proud of the complete range of services that we can offer our patients.  For more information just click on the links on the right hand side and also read below for services we offer.


As a practice we offer the service of managing minor injuries between 8 am and 6 pm.  If you or friends and family were to have an accident we maybe able to sort it out at the practice rather, than having to go in to the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital.  This may include minor head injuries, soft tissue injuries (tendon and muscle sprains) lacerations and wounds, minor burns.  We do not have access to X ray on site and so if this is required an onward referral would be made.

To ensure you are directed to the best service for your needs, we suggest phoning to speak to the reception team.  We may need a doctor or nurse to call you back to triage where best to deal with your medical need to avoid unnecessary journeys or delays.


Dr Jason Clunie, Dr James Hayter, Dr Josephine Herdman, Dr Pippa Vaile, Maureen Cockayne (Midwife), Chris Bradley (Health Visitor), Mandy Sterrett (Practice Nurse) and Karen Ross (Practice Nurse).

We provide all aspects of maternity care. This includes preconceptual advice provided by the Doctors at regular surgeries.  Ante-natal Clinics by appointment with Maureen are held by appointment each week at Cheriton Bishop and Christow, Maureen will also advise on Parentcraft classes, home deliveries and post-natal care including Shape-up group and Breast Feeding support group.  Both midwives are based at Okehampton Hospital – Tel. 01837 658013.


Women between the ages of 50 and 64 years are invited to attend the local breast screening unit every three years for mammography to detect any abnormalities.  We actively encourage all who are invited to attend for screening.


The Practice runs a screening programme with automatic recall as appropriate.  This test is most important for all women.  Current recommendations are that women between the ages of 25 and 49 should be tested every three years and women between the ages of 50 and 64 5 yearly.  Smears are can be booked with Mandy Sterret and Karen Ross our Practice Nurses.

Visit  for more information.


All the Doctors and Practice Nurses provide a full Family Planning service. Dr Herdman will also fit coils. Please feel free to book with either her, the practice nurses or any of the clinical team

EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION is also available and these services are, as always, provided in strictest confidence and are offered to women of any age EVEN IF YOU ARE UNDER 16.


Christine Bradley gives support to families and advises on health care especially to expectant mothers, small children and the elderly and handicapped.  She often visits in the home and also runs various clinics at the surgery or local halls.  You can contact her on 01647 252205.


The community nursing team will visit patients confined to their own homes who need nursing assistance. You can contact the district nurses on 01647 24272.

Our community nursing team are Gilly Wolfe, Sam Saupe and Teresa Sanderson.


Physiotherapy is available to all our patients with our physio Nick Blade.  Referral is made either through the doctors or via self referral.


These can be arranged through the Receptionist and there will be a charge.  Charges for any non NHS requests are displayed in Reception.


We offer all the range of GP services to young people.  As well as dealing with any medical issues, we can also help with things like contraception advice, advice about diet and food issues and a change to talk to someone if you are finding things tough at the moment.

Do I have to bring an adult with me to see the doctor?

No you do not. If you are under 16 it is usually best to come with an adult, but we are happy to see you people on their own if you would prefer.  Sometimes if you come with an adult we might ask the to wait outside for part of the appointment, so you have a chance to talk without them there.

What about confidentiality?

Like all doctors, we treat this very seriously and anything you say to the doctor is strictly between you and will not be passed on to your parents.  This includes matters such as smoking, drinking and sexual issues.  The only, very rare exception to this would be if we felt that your life, or the life of another person was seriously in danger if we did not tell someone.  This is the same for adults.

Can I go anywhere else for health or contraception advice?

Yes.  There are other clinics which are freely available for young people and where you can go without your doctor being involved at all. These clinics are for Family Planning (contraception) and Sexual Health (advice concerning sexually transmitted diseases).  Follow the links below for more information.

Family planning clinics in Devon

Other sexual health clinics in Devon


This common sexually transmitted disease often causes no symptoms.  If you are sexually active between the ages of 16-25, we offer a test you can do at home, to check whether you have caught chlamydia.  A self testing kit can be picked up at reception or you may wish to discuss this with a GP or nurse.


If you are off work sick for seven days or less, your employer should not ask for medical evidence that you have been ill.  You can complete a Self-Certification Form (SC1).  This can be picked up from reception or a post office.

If you are off work sick for more than seven days, your employer will usually ask you to provide evidence or proof that you have been ill.  They will normally ask for a fit note from your GP.  Fit note is the informal name for the Statement of Fitness for Work. Fit notes replaced sick notes from 6 April 2010.

The seven days include days that you do not normally work.  So when you work out how long you have been off sick, you should include weekends and bank holidays.


In this rural area, we would recommend everyone to be up to date with tetanus protection.  We frequently give a polio booster in association with this.  The procedure for tetanus protection has however changed recently and the time interval for adults increased to 10 years. Because of your occupation, you may benefit from protection from Hepatitis B.  We also advise immunisation from Pneumonia and an annual influenza immunisation if you are aged over 65 or at risk because of chronic illness. IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT – PLEASE ASK