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Cheriton Bishop and Teign Valley Practice

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Get the NHS App

The NHS App is a useful resource for comprehensive interaction from the NHS.

NHS My Care is Live!

An app bringing interactions with your hospital medical team into one place giving you a complete, up to the minute picture of your care arrangements.

Call 111 when it is less urgent than 999

If outside surgery hours, dial 111 if you need urgent help and advice. If an emergency, dial 999.

MyHealth Devon is part of the emergency integrated Care Service 'Together for Devon' - health and care working in partnership with local communities.
MyHealth Devon has been set up so that people of Devon have the latest information about waiting times for routine or 'planned' care at our local hospitals; are aware of the choices available and have the information needed to make meaningful choices. It also provides information about the local support that is available for specific conditions and how you can manage your own care.

Health A - Z Conditions and Treatments

The NHS Conditions website provides an A to Z list of common illnesses and conditions

NHS Organ Donor Card - Yes I donate

If you needed an organ transplant would you have one? If so please help those in need of a transplant by opting to donate organs and tissue.

Save a life, give blood

Giving blood saves lives. The blood you give is a lifeline in an emergency and for people who need long-term treatments.

Useful links and information

Useful links and information on health related matters for patients of the practice.

Evening and Weekend GP Appointments available. NHS

To access routine services and appointments in evenings and weekends.