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What is measles? Measles is a very infectious viral illness that is spread by coughs and sneezes. If you are not protected and have even passing contact with someone who has measles, the chances are that you will be infected too. If you catch measles you will probably feel very poorly and be off school or work for around 10 days. There is no treatment or cure for measles.

What is mumps? Mumps is a viral illness that is spread by coughs and sneezes or close contact with someone who already has the infection.

What is rubella? Rubella is a viral illness, often called German measles, that is now rare in the UK thanks to the success of the MMR vaccine. It is spread in a similar way to mumps and measles. For most people, it is usually a mild condition that gets better in 7 to 10 days without treatment. However, if pregnant women develop rubella it can be very serious for their unborn baby

MMR Booklet (pdf)

31st January 2024