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GP Postgraduate Training and Exeter Medical School students

Postgraduate GP Training

In May 2013 we were accredited as a GP training practice and have continued that accreditation. This means that we have been adjudged to be at a high enough standard to be able to help educate the GP's of tomorrow. We find this opportunity really exciting and hope you will value it too.

Our GP registrars are all fully qualified doctors and will have at least two years of junior hospital experience, most have much more. They will also be at various stages of their postgraduate training. This is much the same way as hospital consultants are trained in hospital.

They will work along side us, as GPs, with their own clinics and essentially join our practice team whilst enhancing their knowledge of both medicine and General Practice. As part of their training they will have the opportunity to video some of their normal consultations. As you would imagine this is a very powerful way of learning. If you are prepared to take part in that then we would be really grateful and would ask you to sign a consent form at reception when you book in. You will also be asked to do a similar thing on the way out meaning that if you don't want the video seen then we will simply delete it. Another part of the teaching involves a weekly joint clinic. In this there will be the GP registrar and either Dr Hayter or Dr Clunie. As with the videos you are more than able to decline.

As said above we feel that this improves us as a practice and allows the GPs of tomorrow to be afforded the chance to take from our practice what we do well for our patients.

Medical School Students

We are also pleased to on occasion host some medical students from Exeter Medical School as part of their GP studies of the medical curriculum. Again we feel that being a part of the education of the doctors of tomorrow is really important. Although not as frequent as we would like there may be occasion for one of these young people to carry out a consultation which will be overseen by one of the GPs. Your help again with this is very much appreciated.

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