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Women's Health

Cervical Screening

Routine screening is offered at the surgery for ladies aged 25 - 64 every three years.

► NHS Conditions - Cervical Screening


There is lots of information on Menopause and HRT out there so we’ve tried to pull together the most useful resources from trusted sources to answer the commonest questions we get asked in surgery.

There are several websites we’d also recommend if you’d like more detail on all topics related to menopause – there are some great podcasts and videos too. Informative, written information from the British Menopause Society - detailed fact sheets on all aspects of women’s health - run by Dr Louise Newson a leading menopause expert lots of information, both written, podcasts and Video presentations - detailed fact sheet on all aspects of women's health

If you’d like to discuss menopause and treatment further then please book a phone appointment with one of our GPs.

What is Menopause?

I would like help managing my menopause symptoms - what options are there?

Hormonal changes around menopause affect every woman differently. Menopause is an ideal time to look at your general health, diet and exercise and provides an opportunity to think about how to optimise your health through this transition and beyond. The links below provide information on lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your menopausal symptoms, as well as alternative therapies and details on Hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Lifestyle, Diet and Exercise

Menopause & Weight

Alternative Therapies

CBT for hot flushes advice/factsheets/complementaryalternative-therapies-menopausal-women/

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)


Risks and Benefits

Types, Doses and Regimens

Breast screening

This service is provided by the NHS at specific clinics for those aged between 50 and 71 years old. If you are registered with a GP you are automatically invited for breast cancer screening every 3 years. You will be notified of an appointment by post. If outside this age group the mammography can be directly requested.

► NHS Conditions - Breast Cancer Screening

Preconception advice

It is really important to give yourself the best chance to becoming pregnant, having a trouble free pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby. All the GPs and nurses can go through the most up to date advice or for more information please follow this link:

► Planning for Pregnancy

Contraception services

We provide routine contraceptive services with all the GP and nursing staff. Dr Hamilton is qualified for the fitting of Coils and Intrauterine devices and hormonal contraceptive implants. Please book an appointment with her to discuss.

► NHS Conditions - Contraception

For some patients if they wish to attend the regional family planning clinics, the most local is:-

NHS Contraception Service
NHS Walk-In Centre 31 Sidwell Street Exeter Devon EX4 6NN
Tel: 01392 284982

Genito-urinary medical services

Exeter Walk-in Centre 31 Sidwell Street
Appointments Mon - Fri and Sat Morning
Walk-in clinic 1 - 3.30pm

They offer screening for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, HIV and Hepatitis B&C. They also offer diagnosis and treatment of Warts, Herpes, Bacterial Vaginosis, genital skin conditions.

Telephone 01392 284982

►Devon Sexual Health NHS

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